Strip & Replating - Our replating service for catalog items saves you 20%. As on most superabrasive tools the steel body can last many replates. This can save lots of money. All Rework is done in house with faster turn-around than our competitors. We are the manufacturer, not a middle man. Replated tools receive the same diamond that goes on new products. Please call for quotes on custom tools.


Resetting - Most diamonds in quality dressers are capable of being reset. Why throw away a diamond that still has one or more reusable points. We take dressers and mechanically remove the diamond instead of using extreme heat which can damage the diamond. After removing the diamond we carefully inspect the other unused points and set the best point in a new metal body. We also let you know how many points you have left.
Resharpen - Inserts can make a lot of money if all edges are used. What if you could take a layer off and reveal a new sharp edge. We can remove most chips by regrinding the insert to reveal new sharp edges. Most customers can resharp their inserts several times at a fraction of the cost of buying new ones. Imagine how much money that would save if all your inserts could be reused. It would cut your buying costs dramatically.